Yin Yang Forex Training Program – Trading Mastermind

Yin Yang Forex Training Program – Trading Mastermind


How To Master the Art and Science of Trading

What Every Forex Trader Needs to Know About How to Read the Hidden Signals Of Financial Markets.

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The most comprehensive and effective Forex training system available according to the opinions of many current and former students.

Yin Yang Forex Training 2.0

Ten years of testing, observation, and unique creative insight are contained in this exclusive training system. Your skill as a trading expert will unfold step by step giving you total confidence and personal proof for reading the market accurately.


The Original Yin Yang Course

This is the same original course that enabled many traders to learn to master trading described in our many testimonials. Going from the beginner level of “How to Get Started Right in Forex” through the advanced methods currently used in our live sessions. (Physical DVD’s not included)


  • Never Fall For the “Dumb Money” Method of Losing.
  • Trade Exactly With The Market Moves
  • Experience the “Rhythm of Profit”

Programming the Mind For Success in Trading

It has long since been proven that success in trading or any other endeavor is mainly about re-programming the mind. The latest techniques for Neuro Transformation Programming are demonstrated in this new entire course specifically for traders.

Learn To Program Your Unconscious

  • Stop Sabotaging Your Results
  • Permanently Create Success Patterns
  • Release Blockers and Inner Conflicts

Now is the best time to get started in trading Forex. Global economic crisis and uncertainty never slow the opportunity for freedom of lifestyle and peace of mind that Forex trading can provide. Nevertheless, be aware that you can lose more than your deposited capital with some brokers if you don’t know how to get consistent profit.

Trading Mastermind is Different

Yes, you can find other pieces of training, courses, and systems with “proprietary software or indicators” but the Trading Mastermind training is unique because it’s built and taught by real traders who trade and earn their living from trading.

In other words, we aren’t marketers or “Forex product vendors.” We’re in-the-frontline trading business owners who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and practice it with repetition until you get it right. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You’ve found your home.

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