Simpler Trading – Momentum Crash Course PRO

Simpler Trading – Momentum Crash Course PRO

You will learn how the Coronavirus is impacting the World and how we need to recognize when the shift happens so we can stay on the right side of the markets. She will show you what does not work any longer and the tools and setups needed to pull money out of the markets during these critical times. Precision trade timing with three trade setups will help protect your capital during volatile times. You will learn what the key levels are and how an experienced trader identifies momentum and market feel.

The Momentum Crash Class:

  • How to time your trades for maximum returns.

  • Danielle includes her amazing watchlists, checklists, Flex, and Swing Grids.

  • Trade examples of how to increase your account by 117% in 3 months.

  • Know what Danielle is looking for “After the Virus”.

  • How to use market internals to time and manage your trades with.

  • How to trade gaps to capture the big moves.

  • Get ready to take advantage of volatility to generate profits.

BONUS: The Corona Virus Trading 101 –

Come and join Danielle while she masterfully takes you through the changes to our Macroeconomy. Get prepared for how to position your portfolio to be ready to take advantage of the new opportunities that will become available. Know who the winners and losers will be to avoid falling into any of those traps. Learn the three Futures trade setups that Danielle is using to protect her capital and take money out of the markets at the best times. As an additional bonus, Danielle includes some of her best ways to measure and tame the markets with her strategic Fibonacci price tools videos.

Asset Class/Markets: This comprehensive course covers a broad array of markets to trade in, the cash indexes, futures markets, and fast hit and run options trades.

Skill Level: Danielle is good at teaching traders at various experience levels and with different account sizes. She is going to show you how to trade the cash indexes both to the upside and downside with a combination of swing and day trades. She will show how she turned an account with $2K and grew it into $17K in three months.

Why Buy This Class: If you want to learn the importance of change, how the market has changed, and how Danielle has adjusted her trading style to change with it then you need Momentum Crash Course. In the market, it is so critical to be constantly adjusting your strategy to change with the flow of the market. What the COVID-19 crisis means for the economy, along with what it means for us as traders. She covers a “Big Picture” overview with key thoughts on what you need to know as far as your investing and trading are concerned. Know what sectors and stocks you should be trading after the Coronavirus.

Course Breakdown

  • Chapter 1: Corona Virus Bonus Trading 101, 1 session, 52 minutes

  • Chapter 2: Futures Crash Course, 1 session, 42 minutes

  • Chapter 3: After the Virus Bonus Edition, 1 session, 49 minutes

  • Chapter 4: Momentum Crash Course, 7 sessions, 4 hours 35 minutes

  • Chapter 5: 2 Days Live Trading Sessions with Danielle Shay

  • 2 Days Elite Live Trading Sessions with Danielle Shay Gum and John Carter

  • Bonus Fibonacci Price Tools Videos

SalesPage (more info) Download File Size: 15.05 GB

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