Ryan Lee – One Person EmpireRyan Lee – One Person Empire

Ryan Lee – One Person Empire


Let’s get real, shall we?

Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Workweek was a great book (with an even better hook), but not super realistic.

First, we all know it takes more than 4 hours a week.

And second – I don’t know about you – but I have 4 kids and the idea of spending a few months learning to tango in Bali just ain’t happening. Sorry.

But here’s what is possible…

… building a REAL business with REAL income working a REALISTIC 3 hours a day.


Ryan Lee – One Person Empire ONE PERSON? SERIOUSLY?

“But Ryan, shouldn’t I have at least one full-time virtual assistant? Or integrator?”.

In most cases, you don’t need it.

You’re much better off with a tiny team of per-hour, per-project freelancers or even a small agency to help with tasks not in your wheelhouse.

I used to have a full-time team and it was soul-sucking.

I haven’t had a full-time employee in the last 17 months and it feels amazing.

No pressure to make payroll. No managing.

Just a couple of people who only get paid for tasks completed.

It was the best move I’ve made in years and wish I’d done it sooner.

Wanna know how I do it? How I find the right people and manage them without actually managing them?

Then keep reading 😉.


Ryan Lee – One Person Empire THREE HOURS A DAY? SERIOUSLY?

Yes, but there’s a difference between three hours of focused work. Three hours of only pulling the biggest levers.

Versus three hours of scrolling social media. Three hours of “consuming” instead of “creating”.

90% of my day is done between the hours of 8am and 11am, then I workout and the rest of the day is flexible.

If I want to hike, or do an interview, or read, or have lunch with my family… I can.

Three hours is the sweet spot – and if you keep reading, you’ll see how (I’m such a tease!)


Ok, this is where you separate the hype from the reality.

For most entrepreneurs, the highest level of happiness is when you make between 250K and $3 million. That’s the sweet spot and it’s where the One Person Empire wins.

And please remember, it ain’t what you MAKE, it’s what you KEEP.

Most high-ticket coaches share “top-line” revenue, not actual income.

Who cares if you did $5 million in sales if your expenses were $5.1 million?

Call me crazy, but I’d rather have a business that generates $1 million with $700k in profit (with less stress), than more revenue and less profit.

With a One Person Business – there’s no bloat which means more bottom-line profit.


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