Modern Man – Better Than Bad BoyModern Man – Better Than Bad Boy

Modern Man – Better Than Bad Boy

Most guys never get taught what women are truly looking for when it comes to dating, sex and relationships and end up falling short of being what women refer to as a real man.
A guy’s insecurity and confusion about what it really means to be a man often leads to him being rejected or dumped, even though he is a good guy and had good intentions with the woman.
The Better Than a Bad Boy techniques make a woman see that you are one of the rare real men that she has been desperately looking for.
When in a relationship, the Better Than a Bad Boy approach ensures that a woman never feels the urge to leave you because she knows that other guys simply don’t compare to you.
She knows that it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for her to find another man who makes her feel the way you do. As a result, she is committed to the relationship and to being the best woman she can be for you.
Here are just SOME of the amazing things you will learn when you watch Better Than a Bad Boy:
Pass a woman’s tests with ease: Today’s women are more challenging, confident and independent than women of previous generations. To find a man who is more confident than they are, women have to test men to see how much of a man they really are. If you can’t pass a woman’s tests, you’ll make her feel as though she is ber/tougher than you and it will turn her off at a deep level.
Supreme sexual confidence: You cannot be what women refer to as a “real man” if you’re not sexually confident. In this program, you’ll go through the mental transformations required to be truly sexually confident. You will also learn how to treat a woman during the lead up to sex and during sex to demonstrate your supreme sexual confidence. She’ll love you like you’ve never experienced before. Note: These techniques work even if you have plenty, little or no sexual experience at all.
Sexual charisma: Powerful, transformational techniques that will turn you into a sexually charismatic, sexually confident and sexually attractive man. These techniques change everything. Your whole game is about to change. You will have never, ever experienced anything quite like it. These techniques are the shortcut to experience the mastery level of success with women. You will finally get to experience what it’s like to be a master with women; to be the type of man that women go “weak at the knees” over and want to have sex with immediately.
Deep attraction, love and respect: Most guys can’t really capture a woman’s heart. They might have plenty of sex and good times in the early part of a relationship, but once the novelty wears off the woman’s attraction, love, respect and interest begins to fade. In this program, you will learn how to capture a woman’s heart at the deepest level and cause her to feel the deepest level of attraction, respect and love for you possible.
Mastery level flirting examples: Watch and listen as I demonstrate the mastery level flirting techniques that turn women on at a deep and exciting level. These flirting techniques will make women refer you to as charming and sexy and if you use them when talking to groups of women, you will notice that they compete with each other for your attention.
Mastery level confidence techniques: Most guys know the basics when it comes to confidence and as a result, they only ever feel a “bit confident” or feel confident in some situations, but not all. In Better Than a Bad Boy, you will learn new, mastery level mindsets that unlock more of your confidence and allow you to connect with a powerful kind of confidence that NEVER goes away.

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