MintedSeed – Order Action

MintedSeed – Order Action

FOREX trading at its finest, superseding price action. We have built a self-learning course(s) with a structured syllabus, designed to be more effective and efficient than mentors

The first-ever Order Action course! Making this the most and only comprehensive FOREX trading content.

What is Order Action?

If price action is the go-to method of reading price, then order action is the ultimate method of reading the orders within the price.

It is a forex technical analysis method design and written by MINTEDSEED with its core based on orders & liquidity, thus it not only supersedes price action but replaces it altogether. The goal is to create a single standard to define technical, sentiment, and fundamental analysis into one form of trading. Many have tried to do so but failed because the only way to do so is to define order flow in technicals. This in itself makes “your stop-loss, our entry. Your entry, our take profit“. Finally, no more of those imaginary structures, zones, and so-called price action patterns.

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