Marc Zwygart – Backlink Destroyer

Marc Zwygart – Backlink Destroyer

This Holly Starks training strategy will blow your mind!
We are going to show you how to get super high-quality links from the top authority local sites where you do business. This is going to not only increase your GMB and Map rankings but also Google organic search rankings as well. It’s so powerful that this will definitely be a limited release.
How to Build Quality Backlink Destroyer [DOFOLLOW] – 2019 SEO Backlinking Strategies
For the next 24 hours the video series is 300.00 After 24 hours it will be raised to 350.00 NO exceptions, sorry.
More Information Backlink Destroyer Video Series

  1. Video 1 Intro.
  2. Video 2 Project and Source Spreadsheets + Google Docs.
  3. Video 3 Creating the Backlinks.
  4. Video 4 Finding the Sources.
  5. Video 5 Tips.
  6. Bonus Video How Holly Uses It.
  7. Bonus Video Marc Extra 460 Sources across the USA that we have found.
  8. Bonus Video How Holly Found More Sources With Footprints.

Some screen proofs for ranking increases a couple of hours/day or two later.
Pretty darn good for 5 minutes of work of time. This backlink process is very high quality. Marc had 2-3 calls 2 days after the backlink went live and was indexed. In that 5 minutes, he landed 2 clients. You can’t beat that!

Sales Page:  Download Files Size: 971.5 MB

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