Ftmo Academy CourseFtmo Academy Course

FTMO Academy Course

Stop wasting money on failing challenges before learning our trading strategy, and start earning money and trade up to $400.000, welcome!

FTMO is a Proprietary Trading firm, which invests up to 400,000 USD in profitable traders after passing their funding challenge and verification.

You can’t find our unique trading strategy anywhere else.

Expert Advisor included in the course.

Trade Spider EA FTMO Academy

Our trade manager is included in the course. It helps you set up your trade, risk, and target per trade. It also handles your positions when your trade is open.

It has an automatic setting for SL & TP.

It has built-in warnings for things like if you are too close to the target, the spread is too high, etc, or if you accidentally take too much risk.

Instrument Scanner EA

The Instrument Scanner saves us time by scanning all instruments on your account for potential trades and also the accuracy of our target calculations as seen in the image (Target). It also shows us in which direction the trade should be (which is automatically set up in Trade Spider), and how much of the average daily range has been moved today.

We know how painful and frustrating it can be for a trader that is struggling to make money in trading. Our only purpose of existence is to teach you how to become a profitable trader.

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