Acidbite – The Editing Formula 2023

ACIDBITE – The Editing Formula 2023


Think of a movie that moved you. Or maybe it was a music video, or a YouTube vlog, or a TikTok that made you laugh. The reason videos inspire us can be boiled down to one word: story. Stories make us feel. We feel compassion. Joy. Fear, empathy, or amazement because of stories. Editing, at its purest form, is storytelling. If you can’t tell a compelling narrative, you won’t edit good videos. In this module I’ll break down the storytelling mindsets of the best editors, with concepts like: The art of storytelling:

  • 3 Questions to ask before you cut
  • How to think like a viewer
  • How to constantly learn
  • How to get better at editing (without editing)


Editing can feel like a free-flowing creative expression. Or it can feel like doing taxes. The difference between the two? Setup. In this module, I’ll show you how to lay a strong foundation for your edit, that is conducive to smooth creativity throughout the entire editing process. We’ll explore concepts like: Master Organization techniques for your software

  • The secrets to editing with blazing speed
  • How to avoid the common edit setup pitfalls that kill creativity
  • How to set up a customizable timeline that explodes with creativity


After the foundation is laid, the story must be set. This is where edit prep is key. Chefs chop their ingredients before they cook. Artists mix their acrylics before they paint. Editors prep their timelines and understand their stories before they edit. In this module, we’ll explore how to create the skeleton of an edit, through concepts like:

  • The 2 best ways to bring media into a timeline
  • The Jordan Orme Method for pulling selects
  • How to make swift cuts and master timeline navigation
  • Industry editor tricks of the trade


In this module I’ll teach you the recipe for a dazzling video of any genre. Whether it’s a YouTube video, a Music Video, or a Hollywood blockbuster, the order of operations remains the same. I’ll show you this secret recipe so that every video you make is delicious. We’ll explore concepts like:

  • How to craft a great story with a big pile of footage and audio
  • Mixing immersive audio with ease
  • My favorite flashy effects
  • How to make edits feel smooth and invisible
  • How to engulf the viewer in the story your edit


The difference between an amateur edit and a professional one is the finish & export process. Audio leveling, color grading, and quality export settings are key here. In this module, we’ll explore topics like:

  • Mastering the power of color grading
  • How to professionally mix audio
  • How to export for any platform


Once you have all the skills and knowledge of a professional editor, it’s time to make some serious cash. Why not? This module will take you through the essentials of the editing business, and show you how to get started (even with zero experience)! We’ll go through essentials like:

  • How to book your first paid client
  • What you should charge
  • Handling criticism well
  • How to build a sustainable business model
  • How to make a $100k career out of editing
  • How to network your way to Justin Bieber (ok, maybe not specifically Justin, but I’ll show you how relationships land dream clients

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