[GET] How to make $2k – $5k+ per month Creating and Selling Simple Info Products

[GET] Knockout Profit BlackBook

This WSO is a great in depth investiagtion which reveals how you can make thousands of dollars by selling simple, easy to make info products.

You can steal the WSO authors (Paul Nicholls) formula to building $2,000 – $5,000 income streams every month.

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Just a few Things What You Will Learn in KnockOut Profit BlackBook

  • The 1 strategy I use to flood my products with fast sales (this alone is worth the price of this guide)
  • The exact pricing formula I used to make $10k in 7 days
  • The 3 phaze strategy that has generated multiple $500 – $1000+ days
  • The fail-proof system to use how to choose a niche or a product idea
  • The 4 super tools I use to create every info product (knowing these will cut your learning curve in half and save you a lot of money)
  • The 3 things you MUST focus on to increase your profits by as much as 1000%
  • How to get others to send you hoards of free buyer traffic
  • The 3 pricing secrets I use to attract tonnes of affiliates
  • The 1 question you need to ask yourself before creating any product
  • Why using ________ in your products will give them a higher perceived value
  • The 2 numbers you need to heavily focus on, forget these and your information product will be a flop
  • The 1 tweak to make to get tonnes of affiliates queuing up to promote
  • And lots more…


  • Anyone that is struggling to make an income online.
  • Anyone that has been down the ppc, cpa, seo, adsense and niche marketing road and has realized that it’s far to much work for little or no return.
  • Anyone that is fed up trying to game the search engines just to make a few lousy bucks by selling someone else’s product.
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to get other people to send you hoards of free traffic.
  • Anyone that wants to learn a business model that will build you a rock solid monthly online income and will continue to build for years to come.
  • Anyone that wants to build a real and profitable Internet business and wants to start making a full time income online.
  • Anyone that wants to save years of trial and error and find out right now what you need to know to make anywhere from $2k – $5k+ per month online.

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