[GET] Full Private Label Rights (PLR) to The Complete Product Creation Training Program Audios

Full Private Label Rights (PLR) to The Complete Product Creation Training Program Audios – 

Are you looking for powerful training you can resell or use as a guide to create your own powerful product creation training program?

If so, you are going to love this WSO –

This is the PLR to one of my effective training programs in 7 years – and I’ve never sold stand-alone PLR rights to it before – and plan to limit this to just 7 days.

Hi, My name is Sean Mize, and I’m responsible for personally creating over 70 products in the last 7 years . . . and this training program teaches your clients exactly how I do it!

These are my own high-level product creation trainings . . . all you need to do is add an intro to the beginning in your voice, introducing me, and you can sell them as “Your Name + Sean Mize”

So what about you?

Do you want to resell powerful product creation training, or better yet, use these as a guide to create your OWN powerful product creation training?

If so, you will love this training program and the private label rights than come with it-

Here’s what you get when you purchase:

==>You get the sales letter to the product, it sells for $97 there:

The Complete Product Creation Training Program

==> You get the entire training program, it’s 13 mps and 8 pdfs

Now, the 13 mp3s – which are recorded in my own voice but you can edit the mp3 files as
you wish, add your own introduction, whatever –

And the pdfs you can use them as is, or simply create your own in your own language and words

Here’s what folks will learn when they buy this program from you: 

==>A super-easy system for outlining ALL their products (my personal 10 x 10 matrix training)

==>How to write an ebook in one week

==> How to record a 10 – CD or 10 mp3 home study course in one week

==> How to create a coaching program in one week


–> How to Create a Teleclass

–> How to Write the Teleclass Salesletter

–> How to Deliver a Teleclass

–> How to Deliver A Coaching Program (This is intense – this is worth the price of the entire program for this one track!)


–> How to easily create articles from each of your products…after you create them…to use to drive targeted traffic to your site to buy your products.

–> How to use your articles to build a list of prospects to sell your products to.

–> How to write an ebook in less than one week

–> How to correctly create a 10 – CD or 10 MP3 series in less than one week

–> How to create a coaching program in just one week…and begin enrolling clients the very next week!

–> Learn the BEST way to build relationships with your subscribers and buyers fast so they will not just buy one product from you, but they will buy your entire product funnel of products.

You get the sales letter (although it is highly suggested you modernize it, as you know I market (crazily effectively) as a neanderthal)

And you get the download page (of course 🙂 )

And you get all the mp3s (in fact, if you wanted to, you could listen to them yourself and guaranteed you’ll learn something)

Now is the time for me to hard close you on buying these, right?

Nope, not going to.

At this point, you either want them or not.

I sell them for $197 on my site.

For 7 days, I am selling these mp3s and the resale rights to them at WSO pricing –

Here’s how it works:

The target price is $37

I’m starting it low, dime-sale model – and the price goes up each time someone buys –

So if you want this, get it now before it gets to $37

Plus, I’ll be closing this out in 7 days:

[GET] Full Private Label Rights (PLR) to The Complete Product Creation Training Program Audios

And by the way – these are DOUBLE guaranteed – if you buy them and you aren’t satisfied – like totally blown away, just ask me for a DOUBLE refund – that’s right, I’ll double your money back if these don’t blow you away!!

Now, perhaps you are also thinking, who is this Sean Mize?

If so, I’ll brag a sec:

I’m a 25,000 + article writer over at ezinearticles.com (see my article list here: Sean Mize Ezinearticles 25,000 Articles

And I’ve written a cool book on virtual coaching (it’s my complete coaching model where you can coach up to 1000 clients in 90 minutes a week) on amazon:

Virtual Coaching BookVirtual Coaching Book 

I hope that gives you an idea what I’ve done.

How does that relate to product creation? – well, I’ve created over 70 products in the last 7 years – and those products fuel my income and my business.

Then I wrote the book on virtual coaching – and I teach you how to write a book in this training.

If you want to learn how I do it, get this PLR mp3 program and listen to it yourself:

Then resell it as you like.

Edit it with an intro of your own.

Rerecord as your own product.

Anything you want except resell the resale rights and give it away.

So no need for a long list of what you can and cannot do.


Want them?

For 7 days, dime sale, capping at $37:

NOTE: There is NO OTO or upsell, downsell, anything – this is 100% complete with no upsells!!! – Sean Mize

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