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Dear Warrior,In just a moment I’ll give you a no-signup, instant download link to my newest special report that shows how anyone can create their own software empire without knowing the first thing about programming and without outsourcing either.

That report is FREE just for taking the time to read about my new software building tool that I’m offering Warriors at a super-silly, low, low price – for the next few days.

Hard Line Fact #1: You’d have to have less business sense than a rock not to realize that being able to create your own in demand, smoking hot info products quickly is a major asset.

Hard Line Fact #2: Software is big business. Software sells well because it has a higher percieved value than a PDF document, MP3 audio file or even a downloadable video. This is because people see software as something that “not just anyone can make.” 

Hard Line Fact #3: Software is EASY to make. And I don’t mean with outsourcing either. In fact outsourcing can be a mugs game if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

The key is “Software Building Tools” of which I have been responsible for bringing a few to market.

These tools create software within a framework, but the products they make are still super-desirable, in-demand and can be sold for good money.

And they’ll often out-sell traditional downloadable products like e-books.

EZ-Software Maker is my entry level “software building tool”. It’s ideal for newbies but everyone can benefit from its use.

It enables you to take just about any HTML (don’t worry – you don’t need to know jack about HTML) and make it into software.
You can use this brand new software to:

  • Create fresh, new and exciting products in minutes.
  • Enhance and Improve existing products.
  • Re-purpose old products into something new.
  • Deliver “compiled” versions of javascript, html, and more.
  • And more…
EZ Software Maker
Who Will Benefit From EZ-Software Maker?

Almost everyone!

  • Product Creators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Online and Offline Marketers
  • Those wanting to build their list.
  • Anyone who wants a unique way to promote other products.

What You Get…

  • EZ-Software Maker for Windows Licensed for use on two computers you own (typically one desktop, one laptop). It runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. It has also been tested on XP, but since Microsoft no longer officially support XP… nor do we!
  • A PDF User Manual that explains all you need to know.
  • The rights to sell, give-away or build these products for your clients.

How Much is it?Normal Price: $37
WSO Price: $9.90
DOWNLOAD EZ-Software Maker

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