[GET] [Case Study] How a Newbie went from Zero to $6,941 Selling Only One Weight Loss Product


[Case Study] How a Total Newbie Went from $0 to $6,941 in Under 6 Months Selling Only One Single Weight Loss Product

Copy the Method and Make $565-$1,720 Passive Income a Month With Free Traffic and No Personal Involvement

Dear fellow Marketer,

Are you finally sick of throwing that Internet Marketing spaghetti at the wall and hoping some will stick?

Tired of reading what other teach because it never worked for you?

Because the exact methods are never revealed?

If you are like most people (like I am too), you have probably read a ton of material, bought millions of products on niche affiliate marketing or making money online or making money blogging… and they were all something like: it’s simple, create 16 websites in 11 niches and that is your road to wealth.


If I had a dime for each time I heard is over and over again, I’d be a Money Godzilla.

We all know this never happens to us!

But wait …

It Really IS Possible to Make Money on Internet

What if you didn’t listen to the people who told you to start doing 85 things all at once.

What if you did exactly the opposite?

What if you were lazy, and instead of hundreds, you made ONE website.

What if instead of 11, You’d go into only one niche.

Instead of putting 4,851 Amazon products out there, You picked only ONE product.

One simple thing. And make that one work like a clockwork.

That is exactly what I have tried, and exactly what worked amazingly well for a long long time.

Still works today as I write this mesage.

And Today, I will share it with YOU!

Hi, my name is Nenad and I like my music loud, my steak middle rare and my beer cold! I’m the Hard Rock guy of Internet Marketing. That means nothing. Except that I listen to loud music. But it proves my point better.

You don’t have to be a well known marketer, a guru, a semi-god of Internet world to make it.

You can be an Average Joe, and still make nice money on Internet.

Money that pays for that music and steaks and beer. Or whatever else you like.

Money pulled out of thin air on Internet.

Can someone really do that?

Yup, and it’s easier than it looks like!

You probably know people make money online, right? You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that.

Big freaking deal.

“But what about me” you think to yourself.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone finally showed everything?

In an easy, understandable way.

What if there was a blueprint to show you the exact steps any newbie can copy and create a true passive income?

Even if you are completely new to “the game”?


Affiliate Thunderstorm Case Study

How to Create a passive-income machinery out of thin Air


This Case Study Has a High Risk of Making You Successful!

This is NOT your usual hyped 12 paged “light” report saying “build a list and be a millionaire”.

This is a High-Octane Insane Superb Automatic Tank Destroyer proven path laid out for YOU from a guy who did it all from ZERO!

  • Shows you how to do it Out of Thin Air Even if You Never Made a Dime Online Before
  • Shows you the Exact Mistakes To Avoid in order to Make It
  • Gives you a clear vision on the tools to increase your sales
  • Gives you the Exact Steps you can Copy
  • Works in ANY niche
  • Works for ANY level (newbies and pros)
  • And hides NOTHING from you!

So let me ask you again…

What if there was a solid written material that you can follow, learn tons of advanced tips and tricks even a newbie can understand.

What if you could finally have something useful that could turn your passion for Online Marketing into a dream job. Or an early retirement.

Oh, but there must be something you are not telling, right?


This case study hides nothing.

  • It shows exactly what I did during the first 6 months of a brand new site that was selling only 1 product at a time.
  • A product that wasn’t even mine.
  • A product that made me $6,941 in profits then.
  • And still makes good monthly passive income with no personal involvement.

Exactomundo, my friend!

If you were on the fence for a long time, it’s time to take action.

If you know you have it in you but just never could make it, it’s time to do so!

If you tried but failed, you will get an idea what is needed for success.

Take that leap of faith!

Come to the right side of the track. Jump over that wall now!

Because here on the other side of the table, there is some serious money to be made.

And serious money buys a lot of concert tickets for Arctic Monkey, or Muse, or Britney Spears (thought if you are a Britney Spears fan, you might be disappointed in my choice of music).

Don’t get Lost. You Don’t Need to Struggle on Your Own!

Do you really want to walk the unpaved road of failures and new distractions each and every day?

Or you are ready to start Today with a proven method.

Because this thing could change your life!

Don’t even take it from me, take it from people who already saw this product! 
Here’s what Marek said (full disclosure: he received a review copy) :

I have just finished reading Affiliate Thunderstorm Case Study. I must say Nenad put a lot of info into this product. I see it as a step by step guide for anyone who wants to make money from affiliate marketing. What I like is a concentrated approach.

Nenad shows how he achieved success with his website and all it must be done to copy him. Anyone who just starts with online marketing will learn a lot from Nenad’s case study, but even more seasoned marketers can have many insights and aha moments. I really like his conversion and list building tips.

After reading Affiliate Thunderstorm Case Study I have several ideas how to improve my websites.

Or see what Marie thinks (full disclosure: she received a review copy) : 

I found Nenad’s Affiliate Thunderstorm main ebook to be a good read.

He covers a lot of ground, pretty much a lot I can relate to, and this is coming from a seasoned immer.

He basically shares with you a proven blueprint, which I have seen works, with sound advice and invaluable tips shared from his experience. Like he says, you just have to nurture and put some effort. This is not some quick money making scheme, it is a sound business model. So sorry to say, if you’re expecting to make money within a day, that isn’t for you. This is a long term strategy, but one that you can expect great rewards if you know what you’re doing ( which this book points you into the right direction and gives you steps to follow).

I have personally found a few useful golden nuggets and theOTO very useful, as you see all the more detailed steps Nenad has applied to get the monetary results he gets today. This Bonuses are very useful too.

Since reading this, I’ve been very inspired and it has certainty opened my eyes more to knuckle down and put some work into my own online business. Well done Nenad, and thank you for creating, not only an inspiring product but a reliable blueprint that works like clockwork ( when you put a little elbow grease into it). Also you’re a funny guy and your sense of humour rocks! All the best to you!
Do not miss this guys, this guy knows his stuff!

Don’t wait another moment. 

Click the Buy Now button, and grab this Case Study right now!

Who is this Case Study for?

This is not for everybody. This is for you if you 

  • understand that there is money to be made
  • have the right mentalty to do it
  • are ready to do what needs to be done
  • despite the fears,
  • despite the buts and,
  • despite the what-ifs

It will work for you in any niche,

in any part of the world, and I am about to say

this will work even if you are a shirtless fox on a prairie in Arizona (if you had Internet there in Foxland deserts) <<–ok that last thing about the Fox was a joke, but this really really works!

If you are an affiliate marketer, you will see new secret sauces inside.

If you are a blogger you will finally understand how to make money with your blog.

If you know SEO this will show you how to finally also SELL and not only rank (ranking itself is not enough, baby).

If you are in list building you will use this powerful method to create an authority for yourself.

And even if you have no idea what you want, but know that you want to make money,
I will eat my freaking hat if you read this and implement this and still say that nothing works!

Extra Important Warning!

This Case Study is NOT for everyone

This is NOT for:

  • NAY sayers!
  • The Unbelievers!
  • Tirekickers!
  • Those who think that the 89th bought plugin will save the day!
  • The Push-Button Seekers!
  • Those who Think that a Total Newbie could Make $27,153 in 2 days with no work

Sorry guys, but this can work ONLY if you get your mindset right, 

your FACTS right, 

and you are willing to DO THINGS, 

willing to WORK ON STUFF, 

and willing to spend a little (if you already have a website, maybe you don’t have to spend anything).

This is NOT the crappy 12 page report with Font size 48 tripple line spacing that says something like

“This is how I have made a ton of cash. I bought a stupid PLR and then I built a list of 89,244 people in 11 hours and it made me $197,344 since. The end.” <<– that’s just sad, and You know it.

How many reports and case studies like that have you seen?

How did their “big secret sauce” work out for you?

This is NOT that kind of case study.

This is 54 Rock Solid pages of Nuclear Submarine Powermadness Annihilation Case Study.

This is my BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS laid out for You so you can copy it and laugh your way to the Bank!

This is a case study that shows you how exactly anyone can start making money with
NO prior knowledge of Internet Marketing (did I mention I went nuts over niche selection? because I was stupid enough to overthink it?)

NO idea what works what not

NO idea what really needs to be done

NO proof that it will EVER work!

And in the end I did it. I NAILED IT.

Now it is YOUR TURN

And you will have Huge HELP inside

Finally, All the Secrets Revealed

  • All my stupid ERRORS revealed. I am talking pants down, brothers and sisters!
  • The struggles with the choices I made. How to get unstuck from analysis-paralysis? Yeah! See EXACTLY why! Avoid that mistake!
  • What others WebSites have it ALL WRONG!
  • How NOT to lose money like I did? Yeah! Avoid my mistake!
  • How Exactly to build up your property from Ground Up!
  • Did I found something that WORKED? YEAH! And I am telling you WHAT!
  • Does something STILL WORKS? You betcha, and you will FIND OUT INSIDE, because
  • I left NOTHING out.

Here is what my friend Anton said about the course (disclocure: he received a review copy) : 

… He basically gives the exact niche, product type to promote, even the affiliate program full of products like the one that made his site profitable – it all isn’t complicated at all.

You will also learn about the basics of optimizing your website for higher conversion rates, and making your website grow without spending a dime on content creation, making your social signals grow without spending a dime on fake Facebook likes and Google +1s. You’ll know how to get real ones, for free (this is what I never considered myself doing even with my experience). 

… shows how it works and how it can be improved, and describes it in a video at a very detailed level.

… I’m sure you are now handed with a perfect case study from zero to profits and careful analysis of what is done and why it’s done, what could (and should) be done better, so you’re free to copy Nenad’s approach and scale it as many times as you wish.

You will be given a proven method, that works, and that has years of knowledge of Trial and Error behind it, so that YOU do not repeat those errors.

Will it require work? Damn right it will. But it is laid out in front of you. 

Step by step. 

Everything I did.

Forget the Kids Playground and

Come and Play With The Big Boys!

If you always thought that one little tiny push was missing, that final touch. Well this is it!

Use this method and make $565 passive income. Month in month out, one after another. 

While you sleep, swim, eat, go to the gym, or go out with your friends, or drink beer or yell at neighbors, bungee jump or skydive. The machinery NEVER sleeps!

If you tried and failed before, like I did too (nothing to be ashamed of)… tell me this: 

You know those products that state they will show you the Big Secret how the Money is made?

And then you GO for it, because it says the guy or gal made $11,988 in one night her sleep while dreaming of Ryan Gosling?

How many products like that did you buy?

And how did that work out for you?

I mean, really. Be honest.

Here’ the SHOCKING Truth

You know what the problem is?


Because 99,9% of them are about Internet Marketing.

Written by Internet Marketing people who made money with… wait for it … Internet Marketing! YEAH BABY.

They already had a list of 25,000 people and

They already HAD 4,000 buyers and

They already had their own product on making money,
and now are saying a newbie can do it in the same way.

A total newbie? COME ON! GIMME A BREAK!

This Case Study is Different!


  • It is Weight Loss niche.
  • It has NOTHING to do with the Internet Marketing niche.
  • It was NOT created as a 7th step in a funnel that already existed and was proven to be good.
  • It shows ALL the TRIALS and ERRORS and how can you do trials and errors and not be burned to the ground.
  • And finally because it doesn’t require big Marketing knowledge.

Still on the fence?

I don’t blame you, this market is loaded with people of low moral and ones who just want to take your hard earned money.
So here’s what I am willing to do:

100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back. Simple as that!

If you know you belong among the successful people, then now is the time to act!

If you need that one final push to start Your machinery, NOW is the time to act!

If you are uncertain,

A little scared,

On the fence,


but you just can’t wrap your mind around it. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

Because when you see this report, you will finally have a proof that ANYONE can do this.

Anyone brave enough, determined enough, and serious enough.

Ask yourself: Am I serious enough to do this?

If the first thought that comes to your mind is:

  • dunno, or
  • wait a minute, or
  • but…, or
  • what if, or
  • well…, or
  • oh, … what?

then YOU NEED TO CLOSE this window RIGHT NOW.

Then you are NOT serious and you can go back to play in the Sand.

Let’s try this one more time!

Ask yourself the same question again:


And answer it with:

  • YES, or
  • Heck Yeah, or
  • Let’s DO THIS!, or
  • SHOW ME, or
  • BRING IT ON, or
  • I am the Terminator of Affiliate Marketing, I am the Mozart of Selling Online! I am the Rock Star of Making Money and I will make this work for me!

That is the right answer my friend. And what separates You from Your money is just a small step.

A small door you need to go through.

What you see in front of you now, is the Magic Key to that Door to “Big rock stage”.

Take the key, enter and SHOW ME you are the Rock STAR!

Click the Buy Now button, and let the rock and roll begin!

To your Success,

P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention: people who already read this said that I was crazy for giving it away so cheap. But it’s NOT all about the money. And You know it.

Sometimes it’s about sharing a story. Story that will help YOU take that leap of faith and see it from an Average Joe’s point of view.

That’s why:

You will get all the information that you need, the whole story of what I did

You just tweak it to your liking, and finally

You could have your life changed!

Come to the other side of the table. Come to where people MAKE it!

I am inviting you to Join us Today!

Click the Buy Now button, and let’s ROCK!


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